What is WellCents?

WellCents is a guidance based, beginning to end retirement solution to help employees create confidence in their financial life. Our goal is to help employees reach a successful and financially secure retirement by becoming financial well. How does it work?

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Why Is This Important?

Retirement may seem like an elusive dream that people don’t believe they will ever reach. Or maybe they think that because of their age, they don’t need to start saving now. WellCents is here to tell them that they CAN achieve their retirement goals and it’s NEVER too early or too late to start.

Consider this:

A person will be responsible for a large portion of their retirement income. For generations, retirees relied heavily on Social Security and pensions to pay their bills in retirement. But today most Americans must count on their own personal savings and investments for a greater share of their retirement income. People need their retirement savings to last a longer period of time. Thanks to today’s healthier lifestyles and medical advances, Americans are living longer than ever before in history. In fact, there's a 50% chance that one member of an average, healthy 65-year-old couple will live to be 92 years of age. So a typical 65-year-old retiree may need retirement income for 30+ years, even more if she/he retires early. The longer someone lives, the more inflation will deflate their buying power. Just a 3% annual rate of inflation can cut their buying power in half in 25 years. So it’s important that they not only save more, but also earn more on their savings—at least enough to outpace inflation over time. These are just a few reasons why we encourage people to get their retirement savings and financial wellness on track now so that their resources will sustain them over a long and rewarding retirement. We know that planning for retirement can seem overwhelming at times. With so many investment options available for retirement today, everyone may be wondering where to start – that’s where WellCents can help. With the right information and personal guidance, a person can gain the financial confidence needed to take control of their retirement.

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